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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

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What Is Ginger Tea?

Ginger is a fleshy spice which is brown in colour. It has a pungent smell and a very hot taste. It is useful for curing many common diseases and is widely used in India for home remedies. Ginger tea, as the name implies, is a tea made from the ginger root or powdered ginger. 

Nutrition Values Of  Ginger Tea

The nutrition facts of ginger tea amount per 100 grams are

  • Calories- 80
  • Total Fat- 0.8 g 
  • Saturated fat- 0.2 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat- 0.2 g
  • Monounsaturated fat- 0.2 g
  • Cholesterol- 0 mg 
  • Sodium- 13 mg
  • Potassium- 11%
  • Total Carbohydrate- 6%
  • Dietary fiber- 8%
  • Sugar- 1.7 g
  • Protein- 3%
  •  Vitamin C- 8%
  •  Vitamin B-6- 10%
  •  Magnesium- 10%
  • Calcium- 1%
  • Iron- 3%

Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Some of the health benefits of ginger tea are 

  • Weight Loss

Ginger tea plays an integral role in the process of losing weight and living a positive life. It is a fat burner that burns excess fat and does not affect the general weight. Ginger tea can help you feel full which helps to reduce your calories and shed weight.

  • Cancer

Not only does ginger tea have antioxidant properties, which can help reduce the presence of free radicals and oxidative stress in the body, it also has anti-nausea properties, making it ideal for people undergoing chemotherapy, as nausea and vomiting are some of the most common side effects of that treatment method.

  • Pain and Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger tea can help ease joint pain, soothe the stomach and prevent the triggering of pain receptors in the body.

  • Relieves Stress

Drink a cup of ginger tea to boost your mood and stay refreshed and calm. Ginger tea is a proven stress reliever due to its relaxing scent.

  • Digestion

Ginger root is famous around the world for treating gastrointestinal problems. Ginger tea functions in much the same way and is able to optimize digestion by treating irritation in the gut.

  • Immune System

Ginger tea does provide some amount of vitamin C, which is the body’s primary line of defense against infectious pathogens since it can stimulate the production of white blood cells.

  • Blood Circulation

The minerals and vitamins in ginger tea can help support healthy blood circulation, ensuring that resources and oxygen reach the parts of the body that need it most.

  • Menstrual Cramps

Women around the world use ginger tea as a remedy to effectively reduce painful menstrual cramps and balance hormonal levels during that difficult time of the month.

Preparation Method Of Ginger Tea




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