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Are you working in A/C-Beware of Health risks with A/C and precautions

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Are you working in A/C-Beware of Health risks with A/C and precautions

Air conditioning is often referred to as A/C is the process of removing heat from a confined space, thus cooling the air, and removing humidity. Technology became a part of our everyday life, We have more advantages with the technology but in the another side, there are some disadvantages.

Air conditioning became a part of our lifestyle, in our office, in home, bedrooms, and cars. We can’t live without A/c in summer especially.

But there are some health risks associated with A/c, your body is subjected to stress due to a sudden drop in temperature when you come from A/c room to outside where the temperature is high.
1. Illness and fatigue: After a long time work in A/c, blood circulation level tends down and leads to illness and even after coming out after being a long time in A/c one may feel a headache, and fatigue. And people work in A/c may also experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties. So this leads you to cold flu and other illness.

2. Dry Skin: One may loose their skin moisture due to the long time spent in Air condition so these leads to dry skin.

3. Effects your chronic illness: AC is notorious for increasing the symptoms of low blood pressure (as decreased level of blood circulation), arthritis, and neuritis (main numbness) and it also effects long lasting chronic illness.

4. Heat Inability: One many not able to bear the heat in summer (not only in summer but also for mild heat) as they addicted with Air conditioner. So they may easily effect with sunstroke.

5. Breathing problems: One may effect easily with breathing problems, as germs inside the car have no way to go out and rotate in the car itself and the air you intake may the germs cause breathing problems.

Precautions to be taken:

  1. Use some moisturizers like Aleo vera to your skin which reduce loosing skin moisture and also helps for live health.
  2. As people working in A/c should come out and stay outside for 10 minutes and go back to work. It will help you so much
  3. Use to drink more water
  4. Drink lukewarm water along with two lemon slices which help to reduce loosing moisture from your skin.
  5. Service A/c filters regularly by this you may defend from dusty particle, bacteria, and virus etc.,
  6. Use herbal oil spray in the A/c room
  7. Use Amla and watermelon in your diet it increase your immunity
  8. Plant a Houseplant to which generate oxygen. Which works as an air purifier. As oxygen in Air conditioned room is neutral so plant may help to generate oxygen
  9. Workout with exercise daily so that muscles will be flexible.
  10. Don’t drink cool water after immediately entering into A/c rooms.

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