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Benefits of eating food in banana leaves

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Benefits of eating food in banana leaves

Banana tree has great importance in India. Leaves, stems and every part of the tree are very much useful. In Indian most of the meals are served on banana leaf too. It is a tradition coming from earlier times. It also has many health benefits. Currently it is practiced in South India. They are widely used in weddings and celebrations. There are many advantages to devouring food on a hygienic banana leaf on the ground.

Banana leaf can detect, if the poison is mixed in the food, If food is poisoned the color of leaf turns black and it seems to be poisonous.

Banana leaves are rich all types of vitamins as hot food served on the leaves absorbs vitamins from the leaves and the food we intake are rich in vitamins . The banana leaves are immune resistant food for many diseases. So if we food served in banana leaves helps us more.

Banana can prevent different types of cancer like brain, prostate, servetic and bladder and it also helpsful in preventing HIV, sicca, and Parkinson. Banana leaves can also increase the immune system. The leaves are easily mixed in the soil and fertilize the soil so it can also benefit the environment.

All food items can be served simultaneously because banana leaves are large in size. Eating food served on leaflet, helps increase in appetite.

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