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Best Muscle Building Foods

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Best Muscle Building Foods

To build quality muscle in a quick and effective way nutrition plays a major role. Many men wrongly believe that exercising alone will give them the body. But this wrong thought, these men will make very little progress compared to those who do understand that working out produces great results only if it is accompanied by an appropriate diet.
There are 5 amazing foods with their unique properties, are excellent options to gain the muscle mass you are going after.

1) Oats: One are of the best existing sources of carbohydrates, it provides excellent nutrients and is great to include in power shakes. As it does not require any cooking, instant oatmeal is perfect for adding high quality calories in a very simple way. Mix it with yogurt, milk or water.

2) Eggs: Chicken eggs are the best protein source, since it is the food with highest biological value.
According to Recent studies that consuming eggs does not increase cholesterol levels, and does not encourage heart problems. Additionally, they are rich in vitamin B, D and E-group, and also rich in minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and iron. All these keep your body in optimal state so that it can grow muscle.

3) Walnuts : Walnuts are high in polyunsaturated fats, which help reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Small portions of nuts add a lot of calories. Their great flavor make them ideal for consuming in shakes. Another advantage of nuts is it can act as “food reserve”. Try switching cookies for these little ones, and you’ll see they are as powerful as they are delicious.

4) Fish: Fish is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids which, among other properties, help the nervous system to recover and are anti-inflammatory. It also supplies the body with many high biological value proteins and abundant vitamins and minerals.

5) Beef: Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals (such as zinc and iron), beef provides some excellent 0.1 oz of Creatine per pound; amazing rate for muscle recovery and to increase strength. Beef is also high in Carnitine, which among other benefits, helps burn fat. It also boosts the levels of testosterone, which help the body gain muscle more quickly, and burn fat more easily at the same time.

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