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Best ways to Boost up Metabolism

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Best ways to Boost up Metabolism

There are lots of things to talk about metabolism in health and life style circles these days, as a lot of people are beginning to understand and actively promote healthy, normal metabolism. By definition, metabolism is a combination of two processes, catabolism and anabolism. The former is the breakdown of the various molecules in our diet to create energy, while the latter is the production of all the compounds needed by the cells for the normal bodily functions. Both of this element needs to be accounted for in order to have a healthy overall metabolism. As the definition above may suggest, metabolism is closely linked to the nutrition and diet that our body receives, but also in the way treat our body through the course of each day.   



Add protein to your diet 

Vary Your Calorie intake

Include organic food in your diet

Eat small Meals at regular intervals

Increase intake of food rich in iron and omega 3 fatty acids

Et nutrients rich food to improve metabolic rate

Exercise regular and increase its duration

Four Ways to drink more water and boost your Metabolism

Carry a water bottle

Limit your caffeine consumption

Mix it up

Drink Fluid after exercise













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