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Black coffee for weight loss

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Black coffee for weight loss

Black coffee this favorite beverage is also act as catalyst in weight loss. Black coffee may refer to as Coffee, served as a beverage without cream or milk, and often without sugar as well.

Making of black coffee : Pour some warm but not boiling water into the jar and then empty this out, Now place about 2 table spoons of coffee grounds for every cup and now place the plunger lid back on top of the pot. Once the plunger is in place mix it around a bit as this will stop the grounds from settling in one place at the top of the jar and then after a minute or so you can then press the plunger down. Now you can start to pour and enjoy.

For effective weight loss you should drink coffee with milk or cream thought it tastes better. And  black coffee which is rich in caffeine and cholrogenic acid helps you more in weight loss.

  • Drinking 2 cups per day is advisable.

Black coffee for weight loss

  • Certain compounds in black coffee like chlorogenic acid plays a major role in weight loss. Cholrogenic acid present in it slows down the production of glucose in the body and lessens news fat cells.
  • Antioxidants present coffee also play a major role in weight loss
  • The caffeine in black coffee stimulates metabolic activity and increases the energy level which in turn suppresses hunger. Metabolic activity keeps you active and burns more calories. Burning of calories leads to weight loss
  • Drinking black coffee before workout is the best way to burn more calories.
  • Drinking black coffee which is rich in caffeine reduces high water content by frequent urination without any side effects. As some people are fat due to excess water content in the body.

In the following video you can how to make black coffee

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