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Common Skin Problems in MAN and how to treat them

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 Common Skin Problems in and how to treat them

Men’s skin has a slight variation from that women. Men’s skin, for instance, is 30% thicker than that of women. This, therefore, makes men age later than the women but when the ageing occurs, it’s abrupt and the wrinkles appear deeper. Men’s skin contains more collagen than that of women making the skin more resistant. Men’s skin is also oilier and has a more advanced pilous system. Men have twice the oil glands as women and the glans secret 5 times more than in women.   

Daily shaving

One of the major problems affecting men’s skin as a result of daily shaving, then the skin is badly treated and this leads to dehydration through repeated aggression. It appears as red bumps which may have a small dot of pus at the top. This can be treated using skin recipes which include soaking the affected area in a tub containing diluted white vinegar or much-diluted Clorox bleach in a tub full of water.

Razor burn

Razor burn happens during shaving usually due to lack of lubrication and is often associated with men who shave frequently. A cold compress cools the burning sensation and soothes the skin. One can wrap ice cubes in a thin towel and place it over the affected area.


Sunburns are a common skin problem that affects men. Sunburns appear red but not blistered. There are many natural remedies for sunburns, but the simplest and harmless treatment is to bathe the face in buttermilk.   


Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that causes the skin to appear red or pink, dilated blood vessels, and small rep bumps which could be containing pus or cysts. Rosacea can be naturally treated by diluting white vinegar for facial wash or cleansing on a  regular basis. Green tea speaks to the face can also be helpful. 

Stretch marks

Men are also affected by stretch marks around the flanks and armpits. These scars beneath the skin. There are several ways to get rid of stretch marks using things such as the castor oil, Aloe vera or white eggs among other remedies. 







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