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Dangerous food combinations that may harm your digestive system

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Dangerous food combinations that may harm your digestive system

Some food combinations can be harmful if you are having a delicate digestive system. This kind of food combinations together will make you feel bloated or fatigued, too tired or sometimes vomiting and nauseating or sometimes too acidic or eliminating wastes from your stomach.

So some of the combinations could be like taking two kinds of proteins together, two kinds of high protein diet like eggs and meat. Only one kind of high protein diet should be taken at a time. Then it could be high cover food along with very high protein. For e.g. non-veg meat, high protein meat should not be combined together. They should be taken alone if the stomach is very delicate. While eating you have to take only one or two sips of water, not more than that because water or juice might dilute your digestive enzymes and your body might not be able to absorb all the nutrients from the food that you eat. Fruits in delicate digestive system should not be taken along with food or after food. They should be taken either before or after a gap, say one or one and half hour after the food because the food have a tendency to ferment in the body. Some people find difficult to digest cheese and meat together because they are again high protein diet. So avoid doing that if your stomach doesn’t accept it. Then some people with delicate digestive system find it difficult to digest milk with banana. So in that case you can add little nutmeg or cinnamon to make it more palatable. Other food to avoid could be milk and cereals with fruit juice. Especially lime juice or orange juice because juice will separate out the milk solids immediately and cause acidity. The other examples could be yogurt with fruits could be avoided in some cases and pasta with tomato is acidic in nature so some people could not digest it and the last one could be again beans with cheese. They are again two high protein groups. So they should be avoided because some people cannot take them together.

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