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Home remedies for Periodontitis

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Home remedies for Periodontitis

Periodontitis whish is also known as gum disease is a set of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth. . Periodontitis involves progressive loss of the alveolar bone around the teeth and subsequently loss of teeth. Periodontitis usually develops when gingivitis, usually accumulation of abundant plaque and calculus beneath the gingival margin, has not been adequately treated.

Periodontal diseases are classified into seven categories they are :-

  • Gingivitis
  • Chronic periodontitis
  • Aggressive periodontitis
  • Periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic disease
  • Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis/periodontitis
  • Abscesses of the periodontium
  • Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions

Signs and symptoms

  • Bleeding of gums while brushing teeth
  • redness of gums while brushing
  • swelling in gums
  • Spitting out blood after brushing teeth
  • Halitosis
  • Gingival recession
  • Deep pockets between the teeth and the gums


  • gingiva, or gum tissue,
  • cementum,
  • alveolar bone,
  • periodontal ligaments

The primary cause of gingivitis is poor or ineffective oral hygiene, which leads to the accumulation of a mycotic  and bacterial matrix at the gum line, called dental plaque.

Risk factors associated with Periodontitis are

  • Smoking
  • Ehlers–Danlos syndrome
  • Papillon–Lefèvre syndrome

Diagnosis of Periodontitis

  • A dentist’s evaluation : To diagnose periodontitis, dentists inspect the teeth and measure the depth of the pockets in the gums with a thin probe
  • X-rays : X-rays are taken to see how much bone has been lost.

Home remedies for Periodontitis

Remedy 1


  • Salt : Antiseptic and antibacterial agent in salt show effective in treating all oral diseases
  • Luke warm water

How to prepare and use

Take some luke warm water and add some salt to it, Use this solution to swish into your mouth for at least 1 minute


  • Repeat it for more times to get rid of oral problems

Remedy 2


  • Turmeric powder

How to prepare and use

Add some turmeric powder on your  soft bristle toothbrush and brush with it. It effective treatment to cure Periodontitis


  • Repeat it daily

Remedy 3 : Chew some tender guava leaves it helps stop the bleeding of gums and also related problems

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