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Home remedies for Sprained Ankle

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Home remedies for Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle, also known as an ankle sprain, twisted ankle, rolled ankle, floppy ankle, or just ankle injury, is a common injury where sprain occur on one or more ligaments of the ankle.  As ankle sprains are common but sometimes there can be major injuries associated with sprains. Some people with repeated or severe sprains can develop long-term joint pain and weakness.

Signs and symptoms

  • With most sprains feel pain at the site of the tear and ankle swell immediately and also may bruise.
  • The effected area is tender to touch
  • It hurts when it moved.
  • In severe sprains feel or hear something tear, along with a pop or snap sound. In this condition one can feel extreme pain and even not able to walk or put weight on the foot.

Causes of Sprained ankle

  • The primary cause of ankle sprain are sudden or rapid shifting movement with foot, movements especially like twisting, turning, and rolling of the foot .
  • Risk factors associated with Sprained ankle
    • Weak muscles
    • Weak or lax ligaments that join together the bones of the ankle joint
    • Inadequate joint proprioception
    • Running on uneven surface
    • Inadequate heel support of shoe or wearing high healed shoe.


  • Diagnosis of sprained ankles are based on medical history or before injuries and on symptoms
  • X-rays are done to make sure whether bone broken in ankle or foot.
  • The Ottawa ankle rule is a simple, widely used rule to help differentiate fractures of the ankle or mid-foot from other ankle injuries that do not require x-ray radiography

Home remedies for sprained ankles

  • Take some Ice cubes and just wrap ice cubes in a thin cloth and place it over affected ankle for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this compress treatment for many times a day to get quicker relief from pain and sprain disorder.
  • Just massage ankle with finger tips in different motions to relax and tone the overstretched muscle.
  • Take some epsom salt and mix it in water and now soak you sprained ankle in it, so it  provide heat to sprained ankle and muscles will get relief from pain and sprain disorders.

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