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Home Remedies for tan removal

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Home Remedies for tan removal

Are you in a dilemma to face the sun in summer. One will be very scared to face the sun in summer because of its tendency to tanning and also the way that chemical bleachings hurt your skin.

Here are some remedies to remove tan from  your skin

For oily skin:
Cucumber pack

  • 1/2 Cucumber smash: It acts like a refresher for skin.
  • Rose water (1 teaspoon): Rose is also a great refresher and great smell to skin. It also closes skin pores.
  • Lemon: It acts like a natural bleach.

Take 1/2 cucumber smash, and 1 teaspoon of rose water and 3 to 4 drops of lemon and mix all these three ingredients in a bowl. And apply to skin with hand by rubbing nicely to get better benefits. Leaves it off 10 minutes and wash with cold water.

Repeat the process daily if you can.

For Dry skin or combination skin:

  • Papaya: Papaya acts as a natural pulp to your skin, Enzymes in papaya lightens dark circles and also helps removal of tan.
  • Honey: Honey is really good for moisture.

Take two to three scoops of papaya (If you want to apply it to body take more scoops). Add one teaspoon of honey to papaya and mash it up with your hand (Don’t use a mixer for this) and make it like a pulpy mixture. Apply it to your skin and make a massage with it. Remain it on your skin for 15 minutes you will feel skin became tighter and after that, you can wash with a lukewarm water. You can feel the change.

Try it twice a week.

For combination skin:

Oatmeal scrub:

  • Oats: it act as a natural scrub and exfoliator (Which helps in get rid of dead cells)
  • Yogurt: It acts as a moisturizer to the skin. It soothes skin especially in summer and helps in lightening the tan.

Take 2-3 tables spoons of Oats, add 2 to 3 spoons of yogurt and mix it up with Oats (you can use Yogurt accordingly to the mixture) and apply to your face make a message with this and wash it off after ten minutes. It can feel the change your skin will glow after this.

Use this Scrub once a week.

Sandalwood powder: (It is the most effective scrub for Tan removal on your skin)

  • Sandalwood powder: It acts like a natural bleach.
  • Rose water

Take 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder with rose water and make it like a paste. Apply to skin with your fingers or you can also use spatchler. Avoid contact with eyes or even near eyes. After 5 to 10 minutes you feel dry so that you can clean with lukewarm water.

Some more home remedies like

Turmeric and milk: Mix a small amount of turmeric powder in milk. Apply it to your face. wash with cold water after dry.

Milk Cream and Strawberries: Mash 5 strawberries in two tablespoons of milk cream.Apply it generously on tanned areas and wash it off after half-an-hour.

Yogurt and Tomato Extract: Mix up one tablespoon of each ingredient and apply that paste on tanned areas. Wash off after half an hour.

  • In the following video you can see, Some more home remedies for removal of skin tan.

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