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Impressive Benefits Of Raspberries For Skin, Hair & Health

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Raspberry is delicious and lovely looking fruit from genus Rubus, which comes from Rose family. It blooms throughout the year and is thus perennial in nature. Raspberries can range in colour from the popular red and black varieties to purple, yellow, or golden. Each colour berry has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Top Raspberry producing countries are Russia, the U.S., Serbia, Poland, and Chile.

Nutritional Facts Of Raspberries

The Nutritional facts of Raspberries amount per 100 grams is 

  • Calories- 53
  • Total Fat- 1%
  • Cholesterol- 0%
  • Sodium- 1 mg
  • Potassium- 4%
  • Total Carbohydrate- 4%
  • Dietary fiber- 28%
  • Sugar- 4.4 g
  • Protein- 2%
  • VitaminC- 43%
  • Calcium 2%
  • Iron 3%
  •  Vitamin B-6 5%
  • Magnesium 5%

Skin Benefits of Raspberries 

  • Antioxidant-rich food

Raspberries rich in antioxidants and those antioxidants are very helpful to your skin.It can delay ageing of your skin and make your skin beautiful and glowing. Raspberries contain 10 times more antioxidants than tomatoes.

  • Reduces Wrinkles

Raspberries work like magic on wrinkles. They protect the skin against the harmful sun rays. The antioxidant powers of vitamin C effectively reduce the age spots and discolouration. By filling in minor wrinkles, they can help you restore your youthful appearance.

  • Eczema fighting properties

Raspberry seeds contain a high amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are found to be great for treating skin-related conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  • Makes skin beautiful

Red raspberries contain anthocyanins, which are very beneficial for keeping your skin young looking and providing your skin a beautiful complexion. Anthocyanins are responsible for the beautiful color of raspberries and they do the same with your skin also. It also helps you to fight against bacteria and fungi.

  • Tightens skin surface

The leaves of red raspberries are famous all over the world for their skin-tightening properties. It also has astringent properties for toning the skin.

Hair Benefits of Raspberries 

  • Make Our Hair Long, Thick, And Shiny

Eating raspberries on a regular and moderate basis is also good for the health of our hair as they provide natural shine to our hair and also helps in making our long, thick and healthy. This benefit of raspberries is mainly because of the presence of Biotin in them.

  • Keep Our Scalp Healthy

Raspberry is an excellent source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that provides a lot of benefits, and one such benefit is its ability to protect our hair and scalp from oxidative damage. This essential vitamin plays an important role in keeping our scalp healthy. By keeping our scalp healthy, it also promotes hair growth.

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Regular and moderate intake of raspberries is also beneficial for promoting hair loss. This benefit of raspberries is mainly because of the presence of folic acid in it. In addition to this, vitamin C present in raspberries also plays a significant role in hair growth as it keeps our scalp healthy and prevents our hair and scalp from the oxidative damage.

  • Prevents Hair Loss

Raspberries are beneficial for our hair not only because they keep our scalp healthy and promotes hair growth but also because they are equally effective in preventing hair loss. This benefit of raspberries is mainly because of the presence of B vitamins in them. These vitamins are essential for keeping our hair healthy and plays a major role in reducing hair fall, promotes hair growth and also minimizes premature greying of hair.

Health Benefits of Raspberries 

  • Promotes Weight loss

This fruit is high in dietary fiber and manganese. Fiber aids in slowing down the digestive process so that you feel full for longer. The trace mineral manganese keeps your metabolic rate high, and thereby burns fat.

  • Brainpower

Several animal studies have shown a positive correlation between intake of flavonoids in berries and memory improvement; they may also decrease the decline in cognitive ability related to ageing.

  • Maintains cardiovascular health

Being rich in fiber, these berries help maintain heart health. One cup of raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber. Another reason raspberries are great for the heart is, yes, anthocyanins. Berry fruits are one of the few foods that contain anthocyanins in both the skin and the flesh. Anthocyanins per day can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women. These compounds play a pivotal role in reducing oxidative damage and inflammation related to cardiovascular disease. In fact, raspberries contain other bioactive polyphenols that help reduce the risk of heart disease. 

  • Improves fertility

An article in Medical Daily claims that the Vitamin C and magnesium in raspberries might improve fertility in both men and women. One theory asserts that the antioxidants in raspberries protect sperm health, promote conception, and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

  • Strengthens Immune System

Raspberries are rich in effective antioxidants as well phytonutrients. These elements proficiently reinforce your immune system and help your body fight diseases.

  • Cancer prevention

Raspberries contain powerful antioxidants that work against free radicals, inhibiting tumour growth and decreasing inflammation in the body. Those same potent polyphenols that protect against heart disease also help ward off or slow many types of cancer, including oesophagal, lung, mouth, pharynx, endometrial, pancreatic, prostate, and colon.

  • Maintains Eye Health

Eating raspberry improves vision and prevents the eye and retina from infections and other damages.


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