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Knowing Reasons for gaining weight will help you in weight loss

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Knowing Reasons for gaining weight will help you in weight loss

If you are being aware of weight gain it is easy to find the solution for weight loss, all  think that eatting is the only reason for gaining weight but this is wrong along with there are many other reasons for gaining weight like

  • Thyroid : If you are feeling that your gaining weight without any reason that means you may be suffering from thyroid, check and diagnosis thyroid ism. Thyroid hormone in our body is reason for metabolism, if you are suffering from hypothyroidism it results you in gain more weight.
  • Medication : As you are using anti depression or anti stress medicine may also results in gains more weight about 20 to 25% people who this type of medicine are suffering with obesity. Along with this some other medications your are using for Blood pressure and also using medicine for a long time.
  • Stress : When you are in stress, cortisol hormone releases triglycerides, which results in increase of blood sugar. Because of these results in lack of appetite or results in increase more appetite.
  • Salt : Salt decreases the water in level in body so that body weight increase. The food we eat like junk food and restaurant foods are rich in salt level.
  • Don’t decrease carbohydrates in your  diet for weight loss it may cause many more problems.
  • Skipping breakfast and dinner as weight loss diet may create more problems in your body Because it results intake of more food which in turn results in gaining more weight. Along with this if you skip breakfast and dinner stress levels may increase which also results in gaining more weight. So don’t skip meal eat less food for more time with all type of nutrients.

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