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Magical facial oils to look young

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Magical facial oils to look young

Often many of the women want their skin to look very young. So that they try many products for that here is some magical facial oils to look young. Try it yourself.

1. Tea Tree Oil: It is rich in Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties. It is best for Acne-prone, oily skin, and as it is drying in nature it dries out the pimples & Acne and helps to give you clearer skin.

How to use Tea tree oil:

If skin is not sensitive you can directly the oil to the pimples with a help of cotton swab and if it is a sensitive skin dilute the oil with water and apply in on pimples. You can leave for overnight and you can see the change that pimples less and reduced inflammation.

If you want overall clear skin and if you have a lot of acne. Try this by dipping a cotton ball in a tree tea oil with a diluted water and apply it all over the face and wash it off after drying.

2. Jojoba oil: It is rich in Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory agents which help to control acne overtime and also soothe irritated skin. Jojoba oil is also rich in Vitamin A and E triggers in reducing acne and healthy skin. It is known to seals in moisture skin and it is the best acne especially in winter.

How to use Jojoba oil:

Take a few drop of Jojoba oil with fingers and rub it between palms and apply it all over the face and other exposed areas of your body. Use this when you like to moisturize or whenever you go out or even after washing your face.

And for deeper moisturization take a spoonful of Jojoba oil and warm it and apply it before your bedtime and go to sleep. You can clearly observe the change that your skin is smooth and soothe.

3. Kumkumadi oil: About 16 ingredient collectively mixed to form a Kumkumadi oil so that it is called as Miracle oil and all the 16 ingredients help you in different problems of skin like wrinkles, aging, dull skin, Hyperpigmentation, Blemishes, Scars

Benefits of Kumkumadi oil:

  • It illuminates the skin which means it brightens the skin and helps the removal of tan
  • It keeps your skin young and healthy.
  • As it is rich in turmeric and  Sandalwood so that it helps in skin problems like Acne, spots, Dark circles, Blemishes
  • It is a sun protector, Jasad Basma in the oil acts like a natural sunscreen.

Use the just smaller amount of oil if you have a sensitive skin.

In the following video, you can see facial polish to get glowing skin.

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