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Parsley – The World’s Healthiest Foods

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What Is Parsley?

Parsley is a herb that originated in the Mediterranean region of southern Italy, Algeria, and Tunisia. This herb is known scientifically as Petroselinum Hortense and Petroselinum crispum, and it belongs to the family Apiaceae.

Health Benefits Of Parsley

1. Rich source of antioxidant

Parsley contains antioxidant including luteolin, a flavonoid that eliminate free radicals in the body. Parsley has RDA of Vitamin C and RDA of Vitamin A that are two antioxidants.

2. Reduces blood pressure

Reducing blood pressure is one of the great health benefits of parsley. Parsley holds potassium that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure. Daily intake of parsley also reduces the risk of hypertension.

3. Heart care

Regular intake of parsley can decrease cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Heart patients can take parsley as juice or salad.

4. Mucus prevention

If you are suffering from allergies, chronic sinus infections, sinus pressure and coughing parsley may help you. Drink 2 tbsp parsley juice gives comfort for these diseases.

5. For hair loss and skin care

Parsley extract helps to prevent hair loss and it’s an excellent remedy for dry skin. Parsley also improves hair growth.

6. Stomach Gas prevention

Parsley juice helps to prevent stomach acid. Drinking raw parsley juice helps to cure heartburn, acid reflux, stomach flu and improve overall digestion process.

7. Purify blood

Parsley contains a high level of chlorophyll oxidizes and vitamin content that helps to purify blood vessels. The capillaries and arterioles are two agents, particularly work as a tonic for blood purification. Blood sugar patient is suggested to consume parsley on daily basis.

8. Build immune system & Carbohydrate

Parsley contains Vitamin B-2 as riboflavin, Vitamin B-3 as niacin, Vitamin B-5 as pantothenic acid. These vitamins play an important role as carbohydrate in the human body. Parsley has Vitamin A and C which helps to build the immune system and improve the digestive process of the human body.

9. Anticancer

Different studies have shown that there is an organic compound in parsley essential oil that inhibits a lung tumour, activates the enzyme glutathione-S-transfers and prevents prostate cancer. Daily intake of parsley essential oil reduces the risk of cancer.

10. Rich source of Vitamins

Parsley has many antioxidants, including Vitamin A, Cryptoxanthin, Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Alongside; Parsley is a rich source of vitamin K. Two tbsp parsley has 150% of RDA vitamin K which is necessary for the synthesis of osteocalcin and calcium build-up in the body

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