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Sex Positions That Burn Fat

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Sex Positions That Burn Fat

Some sex positions guarantee you a big number of calories burnt, as it is know that sex is an effective form of exercise to burn fat, some positions in sex helps you to burn fat are

  • Standing : Standing position if one of the great way to get a workout while having sex. This is great workout for both the couples. The man will be able to work on this abs and legs as he thrusts into the woman, and the woman will be able to work on her upper body strength as she holds onto the man for support.
  • Cowgirl : Cowgirl is great sexy workout for legs and abs, in this women gets workout and men will be relaxed. In this position female  just sits up and moves herself up and down while the man lies on his back

  • Bridge : This sexual position is great strength exercise for the woman as well as for the male. In this position the man  gets on his knees between her legs and thrusts where as women needs to hold herself up on the bed with her arms straight and her knees bent by looking at the ceiling.
  • The High drive :  In this position, the woman is on top she can stretch out and try to hold herself straight. It may be hard to hold his stance, but that’s why this sex position is a great workout!
  • Doggy style :   It’s a great fitness workout for women as she has to hold herself up and in this man also gets great great workout because he needs to continually thrust as it work on abs and lower body.

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