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Simple Fat Loss Tips

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Simple Fat Loss Tips

Only 10% of fat loss has to do with exercise. 90% is the diet, and it’s the tough part. Diet is something you have to pay attention to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Diet plan – You need to prepare and have a plan that is thought out and structured.
  • Preparation – Prepare meals ahead of time in mass quantity so your diet doesn’t get sabotaged.
  • Get rid of the crappy food in your house – if the stuff isn’t there, you’re not going to eat it.
  • Limit the amount you eat out – if you aren’t aware of the food preparation process, you aren’t aware of the added fat, preservatives, and salt added. If you do eat out, decide online what you want before you go and don’t even open the menu when you’re at the restaurant.
  • Drink a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water a day – you can flavor with lemon
  • Don’t live-and-die by the number on the scale – fluctuations will happen but a consistency downward direction is necessary. Weigh once to twice a week.
  • Think of it as a lifestyle change and modification – this is not short term! It’s changing your habits.
  • Don’t focus on the calories you’re consuming – focus on the quality calories you are consuming.
  • Give yourself the freedom to cheat ‘every once-in-awhile’ – indulge once or twice a week. Indulge doesn’t mean going nuts and freaking crazy.
  • If you fall off the weight-loss horse, dust yourself off and get back on – the successful people don’t beat themselves off. It’s hard but you’re the only one that matters. You may fall off 27 freaking times, but it only takes 1 time to ride that puppy into the sunset. You just need to give yourself permission to succeed.

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