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Vitamin B6-Add it in your food for good health

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Vitamin B6-Add it in your food for good health

Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine and it is known to promote many vital functions of the body. Vitamin B6 refers to a group of chemically similar compounds which can be inter converted in biological systems. Vitamin B6 is part of the vitamin B group of essential nutrients. Vitamin B6 is absorbed in the jejunum and ileum by passive diffusion

B6 vitamin can be seen in several forms like

  • Pyridoxine (PN), the form most commonly given as vitamin B6 supplement
  • Pyridoxine 5′-phosphate (P5P)
  • Pyridoxal (PL)
  • Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (PLP),
  • Pyridoxamine (PM)
  • Pyridoxamine 5′-phosphate (PMP)
  • 4-Pyridoxic acid (PA),
  • Pyritinol,


PLP, the metabolically active form of vitamin B6, is involved in many aspects of macronutrient metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, histamine synthesis, hemoglobin synthesis and function, and gene expression. PLP generally serves as a coenzyme (cofactor) for many reactions including decarboxylation, transamination, racemization, elimination, replacement, and beta-group interconversion. The liver is the site for vitamin B6 metabolism.


  • It helps one to enjoy a healthy immune system
  • It helps to produce particular hormones and brain chemicals which in turn can help reduce depression, memory loss and heart diseases
  • It can even help to maintain the blood sugar levels
  • Pregnant women need to have vitamin B6 whose lack of presence can lead to anemia and morning sickness
  • There are many food groups that one can take up to increase the level of this vitamin in their system:
    •    Meats
    •    Bananas
    •    Beans
    •    Oatmeal
    •    Seeds
    •    Fortified cereals
    •    Avocado
    •    Fish

Deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause

  • seborrhoeic dermatitis-like eruption,
  • atrophic glossitis with ulceration,
  • angular cheilitis, conjunctivitis,
  • intertrigo, and neurologic symptoms of somnolence,
  • confusion,
  • neuropathy
  • sideroblastic anemia


Treatment of vitamin B6 deficiency lies with replacement, usually in the form of pyridoxine hydro chloride, orally, as a nasal spray, or for injection when in its solution form.

In the following video you can see more benefits of vitmain B6

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